Churrasco Products

I’ve compiled this resource page to share the products, tools, and foods that I used sometimes on a daily basis.  The reason behind this is to address the lack of resources available to the general public.

I really missed having access to some of these things when I returned from Brazil.  I originally returned to Holly Michigan and there was a complete lack of products from Brazil.

I’ve spent the last several years looking for some of these items in my local markets and was grateful to see that many of them are available in various online market places.

So unlike many other blogs online who will place any ole item online without ever having tried it, ALL of my recommendations are just that.  I have used each and every single one of these Brazilian related items and have selected them out from any others that I have tried.

I’ve personally tried and test every product on this page.  I’ve tried others in these same categories and only recommend what I truly love and use all of the time.

Tools For Churrasco


Brazilian Seasons and Spices


Brazilian Snacks and Foods


Brazilian Drinks


Brazilian Culture and Education